What They Are Saying

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4 thoughts on “What They Are Saying”

  1. Appreciated the honour of being amongst the initial group to see and ENJOY this play. Wasn’t sure about one man talking all that time, but Mike’s real and vulnerable delivery and your on-point script was poignant and riveting. But let us not forget your laugh out loud humour which is never easy to deliver.
    The audience is challenged to listen earnestly to get insight into the male mind. But it is worth it!

  2. I feel honoured to have been part of the first public reading of this play – and as a woman, I found it very interesting to hear all the things that we as women know about men, be addressed by a man. With aplomb. Vian does such a fantastic job of mixing humour, intelligence and vulnerability – you can’t help but be drawn in and really reflect. Thanks Vian – for taking responsibility and trying to start a dialogue…

  3. The Manology community found themselves touched by the deeply thoughtful turns of phrase of Vian’s script and a grounded delivery by actor Mike Kopsa. We look forward to seeing the work find the stage, hopefully soon!!

  4. The reading made me laugh out loud when I was presented with so many ridiculous ways a man relates to his penis and the slang names we have for it. But I also squirmed in my seat uncomfortably when confronted with the dark side of men and what the penis represents as a symbol of power. It requires a well written script and a great actor to bring those two opposite responses out – this play has both. In the end I had a better understanding of what it means to be a man and the responsibility that comes with that. It is complex and not without some contradiction. Bravo! Extremely well written and presented.

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